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Description of a complex bidding system invented in Italy. A major part of the information is in downloadable files only. Bilingual site (Italian/English).

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Editor's Picks:

Bridge Bidding Guide* - Look-up tables for bridge bidding, with the most common conventions used in "Standard American" bidding, by Richard Pavlicek.

  • Bridge Conventions - Presents an list of explanations and definitions.
  • Brazilian Bridge - Presentation of the Carioca Club and other conventions.
  • The L System - An original bridge bidding system presented by Hong trick capturing Liu, bridge based on very light openings.
  • REGRESsion - Modification of the bidding system Regres, based on frequent openings trick capturing with weak hands and opening passes with strong hands.
  • The Chilli Bidding System - Gives priority to simplicity and universality of rules.
  • Bridge is it - Concerned with bridge bidding systems, especially CLONE, based on a forcing weak/strong 1 club opening. Also features links to other bridge resources, particularly on bidding systems. Bilingual site (English/Norwegian).
  • Precision Two-over-One - Presents an overview of a system mixing a strong club with standard methods.
  • An Unassuming Club - Presentation of a variant of the Polish Club trick capturing system.
  • Bidding Guide - Introduction to standard American bidding.
  • Neill, Daniel - Proposes bidding notes to download for many systems, conventions and bidding conventions and bidding conventions and treatments.
  • Contract Bridge Culbertson System - Contract bridge bidding, as developed by Culbertson. Culbertson\\'s bridge survey of good playing techniques is also included.
  • Bidding Quest - Practice bidding on prepared deals with scores. Compare and check conventions and bidding how other pairs have bid same boards. Try bidding competition conventions and bidding with anonymous partner.
  • Bridge Files - Provides overview of different systems, a list of conventions and bridge information about the game. Free registration required.
  • Precision Bidding System - Detailed description of the Precision Bidding System (strong conventions and bidding 1 club opening, with 16+ points), as modified conventions and bidding by one partnership.
  • Bridge World Standard - Description of a bridge bidding system based on the preferences of leading players, and aimed at the needs of occasional partnerships. Some characteristics: 5-card major opening, strong no-trump, artificial strong two-club opening, weak 2s in the other su
  • Polish Standard 2000 - Description of the Polish Club bidding system, with trick capturing different conventions and bidding variants.
  • The Blue Team Club System - Description of a complex bidding system invented in conventions and bidding Italy. A major part of the information is conventions and bidding in downloadable files only. Bilingual site (Italian/English).
  • Conventions - Survey of a large number of commonly used bridge bidding conventions and bidding systems.
  • M.A.F. - The Ultimate Bridge Bidding System - A scientific bidding system from the Netherlands (5-card conventions and bidding trick capturing majors and different two-suiter openings). Bilingual site gives conventions and bidding trick capturing information in English and Dutch.
  • Bidding Order Shows Strength (BOSS) - Describes a system where priority is given to the strength bridge of the partnership hands.
  • Caliper - Bidding system from Norway based on a Big bridge Diamond relay conventions and bidding sequence.
  • Inquiry 2/1 GF - Online book presenting the author\\'s variation of this conventions and bidding trick capturing popular north American system.
  • SA-YC Simplified - This bidding system is a simplified version (as bridge played on trick capturing OKBridge) of the Standard Yellow Card bridge (SA-YC) system of the trick capturing ACBL (American Contract Bridge bridge League). Its essential features include the trick capturing strong no-trump, bridge 5-card major and weak 2 openings.
  • Coyot's 2/1 Game Force - Detailed presentation of this American system.
  • Aggressive Bidding Foundation - Proposes an approach based on a math model over computer conventions and bidding analysis. Provides famous pairs systems, an exposition of the theory conventions and bidding and a bidding machine.
  • The Diamond Major - Forcing club, 5-card major, medium notrump system.
  • Bridge Guys - Lists and defines a large number of systems bridge and conventions.
  • Colonial Acol and LISA - Presentation of two bidding systems, one a US trick capturing adaptation conventions and bidding of the British Acol system, the other trick capturing a modification conventions and bidding of Standard American.
  • Bidding by Design - Proposes articles on bidding system theory and offers conventions and bidding bridge examples for download. Free system design software available conventions and bidding bridge for download.

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