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Instructions on how to make a JAMMA adapter for an Amiga computer to be able to connect it to an arcade cabinet.

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  • MAME Machine - Conversion of Missile Command machine into a 2 player MAME cabinet.
  • Ev : Arcade - Converting a Klax cabinet to run MAME.
  • Shinobi Super System - How to buy a cheap arcade game and put either cabinets a computer or a home game system in it.
  • My MAME Cabinet - Pictures of a Street Fighter II cabinet (modified from Defender) converting now running MAME and computer games.
  • Massive Mame - A converted Astron Belt cabinet that runs MAME.
  • PacFan's Arcade Cabinets - Two converted cabinets.
  • Crap2MAME Project, The - Making a MAME machine from a beat up converting old Soul cabinets Caliber arcade cabinet.
  • dEfCADE - arcade candy - Hardware, technical information, wiring, and movie.
  • Xtreme M.A.M.E. - A M.A.M.E. emulator cabinet made from an Asteroids cabinet.
  • Arcade Machine - Retro fitting a low-boy arcade machine with a arcade games pentium-powered M.A.M.E. setup.
  • Amiga2JAMMA - Instructions on how to make a JAMMA adapter for an cabinets Amiga computer to be able to connect it to an cabinets arcade cabinet.
  • Mame Arcade - Pictures and discussion of a conversion.
  • DKappey MAME Arcade Cabinet - Conversion of real arcade cabinet to MAME cabinet cabinets with its converting original 25 inch rotating NTSC monitor. cabinets 2 joy with 6 converting buttons + spinner, coin cabinets door and stereo speakers. Only pictures.
  • Flat Cat's MAME Cabinet page - Information on building a MAME cabinet from a JAMMA compatible arcade machine.
  • Roswell 88201 - Craig's arcade cabinet. Complete with photographs.
  • Hin Tysen's MAME cabinet - Once a GORF, then a MegaZone, now a converting MAME cabinet.
  • Defender to MAME - Converting and restoration of a Defender cabinet.
  • MAME Cabinet - Conversion of a LadyBug cabinet.
  • Stefano Arcade Page - Pictures of a MAME cabinet.
  • Mame Frenzy! - Converting an old Frenzy cabinet (which was already converting converted to Rush'n Attack) into a MAME cabinet.
  • Mr Salty's MAME Arcade Cabinet - Converting a Ghosts \'n Goblins cabinet to run converting MAME.
  • megaMAME Cabinet - Pictures and specifications of the computer hardware used.
  • Eurocab 2000 - Information on how to convert a cabinet to MAME, especially targeted at people living in Sweden/Scandinavia/Europe.
  • Sith's Arcade - Converting an old "Bad Dudes" cabinet to run cabinets MAME.
  • Emulaxian - Conversion and restoration of a Galaxian cabinet to arcade games MAME.
  • - Several joystick, cocktail, and cockpit projects.
  • Weird Pier's MAME Cabinet - An ongoing project to build a MAME cabinet cabinets using PC2Jamma.
  • BBoy's homepage - Hardware, software, and pictures.
  • John & Mad's M.A.M.E. 2K Project - Converting a Tempest cab to run MAME.
  • The Asylum - Conversion of a generic cocktail/tabletop cabinet to a converting MAME machine.
  • Arcade 1999 - Converting an old Atari football game to a cabinets cocktail cabinet cabinets running with a PC.
  • The LillyPad - All-in-one MAME game video arcade conversion with technical details.
  • M.A.M.E. Cocktail Table Project - Converting a cocktail cabinet to run MAME.
  • Oct's MAME Cabinet - Progress pictures of the MAMEing of an old converting arcade cabinet.
  • Dbdeath's Funhouse - MAME cabinet with spinner based on a Tron converting cabinet.
  • The MAME Cabinet Project - James\\'s information on making a MAME machine from converting a gutted Golden Axe cabinet.
  • PC and Console to JAMMA Page - How to put PCs and Consoles into arcade cabinets.
  • MAME cocktail project pics --- the cabs - Pictures of the MAMEing of a couple of cocktail cabinets.
  • Mike's MAME Machine - Converting a Rygar cabinet to run MAME.
  • X-treme M.A.M.E. - Recondition a full upright arcade cabinet, with a converting computer running cabinets M.A.M.E. and ArcadeOS.

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