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A mailing list is for the technical discussion of vector-based arcade games. Issues such as repair, hardware hacking, and system architecture are discussed.

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  • Bringing Arcade Amusement Home - Helps people find classic arcade games, pinball machines, jukeboxes, or coin-op poker machines for their homes
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  • Fred Vecoven RVGAC page - A page that contains links to other collectors\\' arcade games pages, collecting and to useful files, such as FAQs arcade games in HTML collecting form.
  • Classic Arcade Games For Sale at - Fully Restored Arcade Games from the 80s. Arcade Games For collecting Sale: Online catalog for buying full size video arcade games collecting for your game room. Great Glossary of Terms
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  • Jeff's 720 Page - Atari 720 restoration with a description of the arcade games process coin-op and a before and after comparison section arcade games with pictures.
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  • Auction Central - Data about arcade game auctions.
  • Arcade stuff for sale... - Sells PCBs, NeoGeo cartridges, marquees, manuals and flyers. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden.
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  • - Pictures of his collection, what he sells and coin-op buys, FAQ arcade games and information.
  • MagerValp's Arcade - Some tech information and links.
  • Drew's Homee Arcade - Seattle-based collection, with technical information and tips.
  • Gwarble's Gameroom - Dedicated to the collection, restoration, and preservation of coin-op classic video collecting games.
  • CoinOp VideoGames - Personal collector\'s site for classic video games and collecting flyers.
  • Multigame.Com - Information, parts, projects, and upgrade kits for classic arcade games. arcade games Includes arcade game boards for sale and restoration tutorials.
  • Badger's Gameroom - Curtis Hart and his collection.
  • Mechshop Sydenham Ltd. - London based independent electronics company who specialise arcade games in collecting new and used electronic coin mechanisms, note arcade games readers and collecting associated electronics.
  • Appolo's Arcade - Arcade collection. Sell and trade. Located in Derry, coin-op NH, USA.
  • Chris' Classic Arcade Page - Have for sale ads and a photo album.
  • The Basement Arcade - Latest in support for the collector of classic arcade video collecting games.
  • Gorfman's Arcade Gameroom - Collector of arcade games from the 80s. Sells arcade games maguees, monitor bezels, manuals and control panel overlays.
  • Vectorlist Archives - A mailing list is for the technical discussion of vector-based arcade games. Issues such as repair, hardware hacking, and system architecture are discussed.
  • Jerry's Arcade Page - Hardware and software information about Tron and PacMan.
  • Paul's Video Arcade Pages - A UK collector.
  • The Broken Joystick - Personal collection site includes cabinet and side art collecting pictures, screenshots, and general information are provided.
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  • Tony's Arcade - Tony\\'s Arcade is a site dedicated to my hobby of arcade games collecting and restoring classic full-size arcade video games.
  • Dave's Classic Arcade - Dedicated to collecting and restoring classic coin-op and coin-op console video collecting games.
  • The Dragon's Lair Project - Information and pictures of Dragon\\'s Lair, Space Ace, Cliff Hanger, Thayer\'s Quest, and laser disc video games.
  • Mike's Classic Arcade Central - Classic arcade information, with a focus on buying, coin-op selling, and trading parts and games in the coin-op Pacific Northwest
  • Arcade and Jamma Collectors Club - A place to meet with fellow collectors.
  • Cybercade - Collector of classic video arcade games.
  • ShinobiZ's Home - A collector specialising in System 16 PCBs. Have coin-op plenty of arcade games technical information.
  • The Gameroom - Personal collection of pinballs, slot machines and other arcade games coin-ops.
  • Vidiot's Video Arcade - A collector\'s homepage with information on restoring various video games.

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