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Non-profit, all volunteer games convention held annually in St. Paul, Minnesota. Roleplaying, war, board, miniatures, collectable card, and computer games.

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Origins Game Fair* - Strategic war simulations, board games, card games, and miniatures. Held in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Con*Stellation - An annual science fiction convention held in Huntsville, AL which north america is sponsored by the North Alabama Science Fiction Association. north america It features a full line of events from gaming to north america panel discussions.
  • DarkCon - RPGA gaming, LARP, miniatures.
  • Total Confusion Conventions - Three Northeast gaming conventions: Total Confusion (Andover, MA), MassConfusion (Worcester, MA), ConMan (Merrimack, NH). Includes roleplaying games, RPGA events, Vampire, LARPS, miniature, board and card games, painting contest, art shows.
  • OshCon - Annual convention for players of table top role-playing conventions games, card north america games, and miniatures games.
  • Die Con - Game convention located in the St. Louis, Missouri united states area. Its purpose is to promote adventure united states gaming in the Midwest. Features RPGA, RPG, miniature, united states board and collectable card games.
  • AnonyCon - Gaming convention in Stamford, CT that features roleplaying united states games and a variety of other gaming.
  • JohnCon - All-gaming convention run for 48 straight hours on the campus united states of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. RPGs, board united states games, CCGs, and more mundane games.
  • Game Days - Held in April at north america the Days Hotel in Timonium, Maryland. Offers north america information, events, and history.
  • ConGames - Offers roleplaying games, collectible card games, miniatures games, north america board north america games, dealers room free to the public, north america charity raffle north america benefiting wildlife rescue, and a guest north america of honor. July. north america Tampa Bay, FL.
  • ShaunCon - Roleplaying, miniatures, card, and LARP games presented by united states the conventions Role-Players Guild of Kansas City, Ltd, in united states November.
  • InConJunction - Science fiction/fantasy convention with a strong gaming track. north america Includes events such as roleplaying, miniatures, and collectible north america card gaming, tournaments with prizes, RPGA events. Indianapolis, north america IN. July.
  • Duracon - RPGA gaming convention. A weekend of roleplaying games in Durham, conventions North Carolina.
  • The Madison Wordplayers - Meets monthly at Borders Book Shop for word north america game united states fun in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • FlatCon - Annual gaming convention located in Bloomington, Illinois. A variety of north america roleplaying, miniature, board, and card games and tournaments are represented. north america Vendor range from Anime, gaming, fantasy gifts, and comics.
  • Dragonflight - Annual convention held in August in north america Bellevue, north america Washington, featuring board games, miniatures, roleplaying, RPGA, north america CCGs, computer north america games, and an auction.
  • Winter Fantasy - January, in Fort Wayne, IN. Roleplaying, RGPA Summit united states (seminars/discussions). united states Managed by Wizards of the Coast and united states featuring many united states of WotC's games.
  • I-Con - Annual host of a variety of sponsored tournaments, north america demos north america and open games of all varieties. north america Offers news, north america events, downloads, and schedules.
  • Great River Gaming Guild - Presents a yearly convention called QuinCon in Quincy, north america IL, north america as well as a series of Mini-Cons north america throughout the north america year.
  • Gamicon - Annual game fair held in Iowa City, Iowa. conventions Offers roleplaying, CCGs, board and strategy games, miniatures conventions events, and live-action roleplaying games (LARPs), as well conventions as special guests, an auction, and free pop conventions all weekend (That\\'s soda, for those not from conventions th
  • Octocon - A slower-paced \\'relaxacon\\', held in Cincinnati in October. Run by the Cincinnati Fantasy Group.
  • The Once and Future Con - Fredericksburg. Magic: the Gathering, roleplaying, Diplomacy, board games.
  • ARCHON - Science fiction and fantasy theme. Includes miniatures, modeling, conventions video games, united states an art show, and masquerade. Located conventions in Illinois, United States.
  • Cod Con - Held in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, in April. Events north america include conventions Magic:TG, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, L5R, Live north america Action Vampire, conventions and Battletech.
  • Cogcon - Each September, in Rolla, Missouri. Roleplaying, CCGs, wargames, computer games.
  • Millennium - Held every November in Austin, Texas. Offers miniatures, united states role conventions playing, board games, and card playing events. united states Special guests conventions and tournaments are also featured.
  • Wild Gazebo Productions - Organizers of two conventions in Edison, New Jersey; Lollagazebo (November) conventions and A Gazebo of Games (April). Offers board games, CCGs, conventions exhibitors, LARPs, RPGs, minis, RPGA, and an assortment of special conventions events.
  • U•Con Gaming Convention - Held in Ann Arbor, MI, in November. Roleplaying games, CCGs, united states board games, miniatures, train games, LARP, dealers\' room, auction, and united states specialty gaming tracks.
  • SAGA Con - Miniatures gaming in San Antonio, Texas, in May. north america Also roleplaying, LARP, and card games.
  • PolyCon - Held at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California. Includes conventions history, newsletter, and events.
  • PentaCon - The largest and oldest gaming convention in the north america state united states of Indiana. It includes roleplaying games, miniatures north america games, board united states games, live action games, and some north america networked computer games. united states In addition, there is a north america large dealers area, special united states guest personalities,
  • Dragon*Con - The world\\'s largest fantasy/SF convention, held annually in north america Atlanta, north america GA, on Labor Day weekend.
  • Carnage on the Mountain - An annual gaming convention the first weekend in November at united states the Ascutney Mountain Resort in Brownsville, Vt. Features RPGs, united states Historical and Fantasy Miniatures, CCGs, Board Gaming, LARPs, and Networked united states Computer Gaming.
  • CodCon - Held in the spring at the College of north america DuPage united states in Glen Ellyn,Illinois. Features RPGs and CCGs north america (including tournament united states events), anime, guest speakers, and game north america demos.
  • MACE - Held in North Carolina. Featuring LARPs, roleplay, board, north america card and miniature games. Events by Hollow Hills, north america Game Society, and RPGA.
  • MOBICON - Annual fantasy and gaming convention in Mobile, AL. conventions Features roleplaying, north america board, miniature, computer, and collectible card conventions games, live action roleplaying, north america and anime rooms.
  • Nuke-Con - Supported by a not-for-profit group that promotes the conventions positive educational, conventions creative, and social benefits of gaming, conventions through the yearly convention conventions and monthly events and conventions located in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Minnesota Gamers' Convention - Held the weekend before Thanksgiving in the St. Paul Minnesota area. Miniatures, board games, card games (CCGS) are the focus.
  • Global Gaming Expo - A trade show hosted by the gaming industry, for the gaming industry.
  • Midsouthcon - Science fiction, fantasy, science, horror, and gaming convention held in Memphis, TN, in late March.
  • BPA World Boardgaming Championships - The World Boardgaming Championships, held annually in Hunt united states Valley, MD and sponsored by the Boardgame Players united states Association. The convention runs 100 boardgame tournaments.
  • Castle LARP - Annual World of Darkness LARP event held in Oregon, Illinois.
  • HexaCon - July, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Includes roleplaying, board gaming, united states miniatures, conventions live-action roleplaying, dealers room, miniatures painting contest, united states used-game auction, conventions sanctioned Magic collector card game tournaments. united states Past special events conventions have included 'Bot B
  • Con of the North - Non-profit, all volunteer games convention held annually in St. Paul, Minnesota. Roleplaying, war, board, miniatures, collectable card, and computer games.
  • Florida Con-Quest - Regular conventions held in various Florida locations. Live united states action games, CCGs, miniatures, PlayStation, Nintendo.
  • KublaCon - Held in Burlingame, CA. Offers information, events, conventions and news.
  • Phoenix Con Games - Four Day annual convention in Phoenix, Arizona featuring RPGs, LARPS, united states Board Games, Miniature Games and a Children\'s Area. Offers information, united states registration and events.
  • Marmalade Dog - Held each year by the Western Michigan Gamers Guild (WMGG) on the campus of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Features role-playing games, collectible card games, board games, special events and guests.
  • DunDraCon - A February convention in San Ramon, California. Featuring board games, united states miniatures, card games, LARP, roleplaying, and SCA.
  • EconoCon - Plymouth, NH. Sponsored by the PSC Gaming Club, united states this convention is geared toward being affordable.
  • FreeCon 2001 - Three-day roleplaying convention in the Lansing, Michigan area.
  • Prezcon - Held in February, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Board games, miniatures and CCGs.
  • HMGS South Information - Historical miniature gaming society with links to the united states RECON united states and HURRICON conventions. Also includes a gallery united states of previous united states conventions.
  • BCon - Role-playing and board game convention held on the campus of united states Bradley University in Peoria, IL late in February.

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