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Software for analyzing, simulating and studying blackjack.

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See Also:
  • Blackjack StatWiz Software - Provides real time odds of each player\\'s options. Free trial download available.
  • Beat the Blackjack Dealer - Software tests strategy that calculates the best way blackjack to beat the blackjack dealer.
  • Casino Verite Blackjack Card Counting - Practice and simulation software for professionals and novices. gambling Included are blackjack downloads, statistics, charts, unusual rules and gambling calculators.
  • Rpsoft 2000 - Up to four people can play, choosing from software several different game variations. [Windows]
  • Blackjack Card Counter - Provides a Java card counter to practice card counting skills.
  • Super BlackJack21 - Learn basic strategy and card counting from animated, speaking characters. software Includes drills, tough hand mode, strategies and systems.
  • Blackjack 2021 - Specifies the best move for any given situation based on a pure mathematical engine designed by Professor S. Haber, MIT/Tech.
  • BJC Chart Maker - Basic strategy chart for any condition, including a gambling special chart blackjack for online blackjack.
  • Statistical Blackjack Analyzer - A blackjack simulator and calculator. Demo reports and blackjack software available.
  • Blackjack 678 - Teaches basic strategy, counter basic strategy and card software counting.
  • Blackjack Risk Manager 2000 - Software program for card counters. Screens and features gambling help the counter manage bankroll risk-of-ruin.
  • Pro-21 - Strategy design and analysis software tools including a blackjack tutorial software online.
  • Gamblers Friend - Software to learn how to master basic strategy blackjack and count gambling cards. Free trial version available.
  • Blackjack Gold - Shareware game that let\\'s you create custom strategies, gambling and pit them against the dealer. Mac gambling OSX, MacIntel, Windows and Vista.

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