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Sites selling books or giving away secrets on how to beat the odds on blackjack.

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See Also:
  • Al Francesco - Information about Blackjack Hall of Fame and the blackjack concepts of systems "Big Player" Team Play.
  • Blackjack Science - Strategies for scientifically playing blackjack from a member of the blackjack MIT blackjack team.
  • Lucky Ike - Offers a custom blackjack betting system. Live seminars also available.
  • Blackjack Strategy - Provides information on basic strategy with charts for blackjack various online casinos.
  • Complete Blackjack Center - Offers a basic blackjack strategy book online.
  • About Blackjack - Blackjack 101 tutorial from the editors of Provides an introduction to the game and basic blackjack strategy.
  • Blackjack System Gala - Articles on card counting and betting systems.
  • Average Joe Blackjack - Provides basic information on blackjack strategy and details on the Average Joe book.
  • Blackjack Data Repository - Contains thousands of pages of statistics and charts systems from the systems simulation of 300 billion hands.
  • Blackjack System Tester - Curious if a particular blackjack strategy works? blackjack This site provides 24 sample shoes to blackjack put theories to the test.

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