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Software allows home and professional users to manage a poker game or tournament. Screenshots and free trial available for review.

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  • Mobile Poker Tournament Manager - Mobile Poker Tournament Manager is a J2ME application software and tools that helps you set up and manage poker software and tools tournaments.
  • - Online community featuring videos of poker being played. software and tools poker Videos from online, TV, and live poker play. software and tools poker Upload videos.
  • Poker Wingman - Poker odds calculator for use with free money poker and real money games.
  • Poker Source - A repository for open-source software dealing with the gambling simulation, analysis poker and play of poker.
  • Poker Evolver - Shareware with real time statistics, opponent profiling and gambling bankroll management for Texas Hold'em. [Win]
  • Poker Tracker - Shareware statistical program for analyzing Texas Hold\\'em play using hand poker histories. [Win]
  • Poker Clock - Software allows home and professional users to manage gambling a poker poker game or tournament. Screenshots and gambling free trial available for poker review.
  • Hold'em Analyzer - Texas Hold'em simulations and analysis. [Win]
  • Omaha Poker Odds Calculator - A shareware Omaha tracker and odds calculator. [Win]
  • Poker Hand Replays - Creates flash replays of poker hand histories.
  • Master Poker Software - Training tool for No-Limit Texas Hold\\'em. Allows users to play against AI opponents in a virtual poker game.
  • Poker Countdown - Tournament timing software. Displays ante, blinds, and rings bell poker at end of each round. Screenshots and demo available.
  • Poker Academy - Shareware training tools for Texas Hold'em. [Win]
  • Universal Hand Replayer - A free tool that replays hand histories in a graphical poker format with several options for playback, note-taking and exporting.
  • Poker Sleuth - Shareware tool suite for online Texas Hold\\'em. Includes gambling toolbar, note software and tools taking, equity calculator, and hand converter. gambling [Win]
  • IdleMiner - Software that allows users to mine hand histories from several poker rooms in the background. Compatible with Poker Tracker.
  • Poker Tournament Toolbar - A free toolbar for Internet Explorer or Firefox that shows a constant live feed of upcoming tournaments from a number of popular online poker rooms.
  • Online Poker Remote Control - The Online Poker Remote Control includes full-table control and works with all major online poker rooms.
  • The Edge - Database software to track player habits playing online. software and tools gambling Demo available.
  • Acespade Software - Package delivers simulations of various poker games. Also blackjack software and tools and video poker. [Win]
  • Hand Crawler - A search engine for poker hand history threads.
  • Poker Charts - Web-based application for analyzing long-term poker results, including an opponent software and tools tracking diary.
  • Poker Stove - A freeware equity evaluator for Texas Hold'em. [Win]
  • StarTracker - Sit and Go results database for PokerStars
  • Poker Replayer - Shareware to replay hand histories for Texas Hold\\'em, Omaha, and software and tools Omaha Hi/Lo. [Win]
  • Official Poker Rankings - Offers tournament results - placing and winnings - for all poker players at most major online rooms.
  • Two Dimes - Calculates odds for a variety of games, including gambling the ability to add dead cards and show gambling odds after the flop.
  • IPoker SNG Table Opener - A shareware table-opening tool for Sit & Go software and tools poker Poker tables on the iPoker Network. [Win]
  • Wilson Software - Simulations of a variety of poker games. software and tools gambling [Win]
  • Poker Pro Labs - Poker Pro Labs includes products like Poker Pro gambling 2007, Smart gambling Buddy, Table Shark, Top Shark and gambling others.
  • Gold Mine Poker - Shareware data-mining and hand-grabbing tool for the iPoker/Playtech online poker gambling network.
  • Poker Home - A web-based tool for tracking the results of gambling poker sessions software and tools via manual entry and displaying the gambling information in a variety software and tools of tables and graphs
  • Poker Sharpener - Shareware that provides real time statistics, odds, and player profiles while playing Texas Hold'em online. [Win]
  • Poker Mate - Shareware for hand summaries, statistics, and player tracking gambling on Party gambling Poker and Poker Stars. Not gambling as feature-rich as other gambling software, but less expensive. gambling [Win]
  • Online Poker Inspector - Instant odds and simulations for online Texas Hold'em.
  • Poker Stat - Statistical database program. [Win]
  • Poker Base - Statistical program analyzes an individual\\'s Texas Hold\\'em play gambling at Paradise Poker using hand histories. [Win]
  • Poker Timer - A blinds timer for poker players that runs software and tools gambling on most mobile phones and PDAs. Free software and tools gambling software under the GPL.
  • Texas Calculatem - A real-time poker odds calculator software that calculates odds automatically while playing online poker.
  • The Tournament Director - Shareware tool to manage a home or commercial poker poker tournament.
  • - Convert online poker hands. Each converted hands software and tools receives its own permanent web page where others software and tools can comment on the hand.
  • HH-Convert - Software tool to convert PKR hand history files poker to a poker format readable by other popular tools. poker No demo. poker [Win]
  • DIY Poker Tour - Web-based tool to organize and track a home gambling poker tour. gambling Track who won the most, gambling who is the most gambling consistent player, etc.
  • - Free web-based Independent Chip Model (ICM) calculator for gambling computing equity on the bubble in poker tournaments.
  • Poker Score - Free poker results-tracking program, offering several ways to software and tools gambling examine which online poker sites and games are software and tools gambling profitable.
  • SpadeIT - Several utilities to aid table-selection for online poker. gambling [Win]
  • Holdem Foldem - An automated poker odds calculator for online Texas Hold\\'em. Reads cards from the screen and calculates drawing percentages and win/lose odds.
  • FlopTech - Shareware poker tools including history analysis, statistics, and gambling playback package. [Mac OS X]
  • Poker Software Tools - Free ICM Calculator, EV analysis software and a poker poker hand history conversion tool.
  • Poker Office - Software with poker odds calculator and opponent statistics software and tools poker and history.
  • Hold'em Radar - Freeware No-Limit Texas Hold\\'em poker calculator that provides gambling odds calculation and pot odds suggestions. [Win]

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