Software and Tools Handicapping Horse Racing

Sites offering horse race handicapping software, online computer programs or similar tools.

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See Also:
  • DataForm Horse Racing Software - Computerised form-book for UK horse racing. Declarations, results handicapping and statistics updated via email.
  • Formrater Systems - Speed/pace analysis software for race tracks in South software and tools handicapping Africa, Zimbabwe and Mauritius.
  • Intervest Global Live - Horse race betting software for Australian race tracks.
  • Horse Street - Makers of handicapping software for rent and for sale.
  • CalcOdds - Software which calculates the true mathematical odds for any named horse racing horse to place in UK racing.
  • Horse Race Handicapping Software - Free horse race handicapping software for data files in the handicapping BRIS (B) single file format
  • QuickPlay Horse Racing Software - Horse Racing handicapping software and manuals for North America.
  • Class Form Racing - Horse race analysis and forecasting software tools for the UK.
  • Gold Mine Handicapping - Horse race handicapping system software available for purchase.
  • Horse Racing USA - Information about speed/pace program "Winning at the Track".
  • All Ways - Relational handicapping software.
  • - Information and software for those who wager on horse racing.
  • Post Time Solutions - Free software that uses Equibase data. This site resells software and tools data.
  • The Computer Form Book - Software and subscription service providing form book, ratings, results, tips and detailed analysis for UK racing.
  • VRValues - Sheet offering figures for each horse\\'s past performances handicapping and a software and tools prediction of each race's finish order.
  • Murray D. Kram's Horse Handicapping Software - Computer program for analysis and prediction.
  • Pace Appraiser Research - VG Online subscription software that analyzes data to handicapping rate a horse's running pace ability.
  • Dr. Burton's Racing Lab - SRA2001 software and database of Australian racing data. software and tools Evaluates fields and calculates NetTAB exotic betting combinations.
  • Oz Race Tools - Horse racing betting tools for free use online.
  • NetCapper - Software tools that analyse third-party data for North American racing. software and tools Subscription required.
  • Revelation Software Technologies - CompuTrak Handicapper 2006 software information.
  • Trainer Flat Stats - Email subscription service offering trainer flat racing statistics for UK horse racing.
  • Thoroughbred Performance Analyzer - Handicapping software that converts raw past performance data into indices.
  • Racexpert - Horse racing software system for UK racing.
  • Bet Selector Horse Racing Software - Horse racing software, betting systems, and results for Australian punting.

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