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Beyblade is an anime on television and also a new game to play in real life. It includes two players, each with the same or a different beyblade. Each player counts to three, then they shout "Let It Rip" which is also the games slogan. There are many beyblades to collect, and many different stadiums (also known as beystadiums) to buy. A beyblade is a spinning top that spins at rapid speeds. As the spinning tops collide with each other in the stadiums, they slow each other down and make loud noises, and the person whose beyblade has stopped spinning loses and the other person wins. Beyblades come with launchers that are easy to use and can be reloaded with another beyblade in a matter of seconds. There are different types of launchers, different types of beyblades, different types of rip cords (the spiked wires you pull to spin the beyblade) and different types of stadiums. Each different thing has a different ability (for example the longer the rip cord, the faster you can get your beyblade to spin which gives you a better chance of winning).

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