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For sites that are dedicated to the Eldar race.

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  • Gargrazz' Kamp - Includes tactics, games, stories and photographs featuring Orks and some science fiction other armies.
  • Orks Wikipedia Article - Wiki article, detailing the history and other information pertaining to the Orks.
  • Jerry Odom - A guide to fighting battles with Orks. Includes science fiction tactics, army lists, links and pictures.
  • The Badlands-a Gorkamorka/Warhammer 40K site - A site dedicated to Gorkamorka and Warhammer 40K science fiction Orks. Includes a good collection of Ork models.
  • The Waaagh! - A site devoted to modeling and playing Orks. science fiction Include warhammer 40k background and rules references for the science fiction Orks.
  • Big Shoota.com Warhammer 40K Miniatures and Modeling - Site offering Ork army gallary and forums.
  • Da Gargant Ownerz Klub - Features content based around Gargants, Titans and other warhammer 40k large science fiction scale models. Also features an online Codex warhammer 40k centering around science fiction Gargants and am online 40k fanzine warhammer 40k "Da Boiler Room",
  • Scraptown - 'Ome to da Mean an' Green! - Showcasing an army, house rules, campaign news and science fiction conversions.
  • Whaaagh! Garsnot - Includes an army list, history, and pictures of Garsnot Thugrukk and his Ork warhost.
  • Waaargh the Orks - A blog site following the development of Waaargh orks Wazrukk.

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