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  • SWATH - The Final Frontier - Home Page of SWATH, a Helper program used trade wars 2002 to play Tradewars 2002. Can be configured for trade wars 2002 games up to 20,000 sectors now.
  • ATTAC - ATTAC (Advanded Tradewars Tactical Assault and Combat) is trade wars series trade wars series a TCP/IP Tradewars Helper for the internet game trade wars series trade wars series Tradewars. Available as ATTAC Light and ATTAC Pro.
  • TWAR The Tradewars 2002 Helper - Home site of TWAR, a helper program used trade wars 2002 helpers to play Tradewars 2002. Both DOS and Windows trade wars 2002 helpers versions available.
  • Telemate Scripts for TW2002 - Scripts that perform repetitive tasks in the game trade wars 2002 trade wars series using the terminal communications program Telemate.

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