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Dedicated to Avalon's Apollo, the god of Light and his mortal followers with links to pages for other gods on Avalon.

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Editor's Picks:

Avalon - the Legend Lives* - Introduction, news, and information on guilds and history. Site has a direct link to login.

  • The Wizards of Avalon - Features general information on Avalon, specific information on by codebase the muds Wizard's guild and advice to new players.
  • Avalon RPG Wiki - Wiki resource about Avalon with lists of information muds such as skills, herbs, poisons, quests, characters and muds myths.
  • Thakria, City of Miracles - Site dedicated to Avalon\\'s city of Thakria with by codebase forums, muds novice guides, maps and information on guilds by codebase housed within muds the city.
  • Avalon's City of Springdale - For citizens of the Avalon city of Springdale with forums, events calendar, articles, real time chat, city roster and polls.
  • The Order of Light - Dedicated to Avalon\\'s Apollo, the god of Light and his by codebase mortal followers with links to pages for other gods on by codebase Avalon.
  • The Animist's Guild - The Animist Guild homepage designed by its members by codebase with information about the guild and its profession. by codebase Features articles about their way of life in by codebase game.
  • The Animists Guild of Avalon Support - Support for the more peaceful members of the by codebase Avalon muds continent provided for the players by Avalon.

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