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Based on a land of mystery and magic includes help files and player information. Java client for direct web connection to the game.

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  • Akistuki, Day of the Samurai - Based on feudal Japan with game overview, downloads, independent development contact details and java client.
  • Threshold RPG - Roleplay-required, fantasy-themed game with in-depth history, background, and guides. Site independent development offers detailed game information.
  • Akanbar - An original roleplaying game. Includes a browser-based java client.
  • Elysium RPG - Nine players govern cities and battle for supremacy in this roleplaying fantasy world. Features a detailed skill system, guilds, religious orders, and commodity based economy.
  • Nodeka - Game overview, connection details, game guides, message boards by codebase and contact details.
  • World of Antra - Java RPG, as well as a rich tapestry of supporting independent development materials, including original fantasy creatures, alphabets, fonts, maps, and fiction. independent development Also features a large review catalog of Earthdawn and Shadowrun independent development books.
  • Ursha Null 7 - A science fiction mud. Features sections on game by codebase play and technical information.
  • God Wars II - Players take on the role of supernatural beings in a muds dark fantasy setting. Site features detailed game information and a muds discussion forum.
  • DUMII - Features sections on history, faith, immortals, building, contact and connection independent development information.
  • Iconoclast - Game overview, maps, connection details, contact details, message board, online independent development shop, fiction and news.
  • British Legends - A port of the Compuserve incarnation of the original Multi-User Dungeon, written by Richard Bartle and Roy Trubshaw. Offers detailed assistance to new players, FAQs and a brief history.
  • Banished Lands - Sections on online help, players, areas, rules and policy, clans and brethren.
  • Avalon, The First Age - Game overview, connection details, clients, manual, maps and by codebase information independent development on guilds and cities.
  • Alternate Universe MUD - Alternate Universe is a free online multiplayer game, by codebase inspired muds by science-fiction, and entirely custom-written in Java. by codebase Includes muds codewars extension.
  • ScryMUD - ScryMUD is an open-source MUD written in C++ with a independent development post-apocalyptic theme. Site contains a forum and information for players independent development and developers.
  • Avatar III: The Crypt - Allows play with multiple classes, questing and parties. by codebase Based on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Age of Alchemy - Game overview, Java client in browser, skills listings, muds client suggestions, genre description
  • StarCraft: Legacy of the Xel'naga - Web page dedicated to the discussion and development muds of the muds MUD.
  • Qrealm - Free fantasy RPG with original or unique features, by codebase such as the ability to swear allegiance to by codebase another player and form political parties.
  • Land of Karchan - A web-based mud with game overview, rules, help by codebase files muds and links.
  • Shades - Based on a land of mystery and magic includes help files and player information. Java client for direct web connection to the game.

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