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LPC is the programming language used in the creation of LP Muds.It is a simplified object oriented version of C created by Lars Pensjö.

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Editor's Picks:

LPC* - Documentation resources for LPC, a small, object oriented C-like language developed by Lars Pensjö for LP-MUD

  • IceWind Crashcourse - Includes basic LPC manual as well as coding by codebase tutorials, by codebase function index, and examples.
  • LPC Compilers - Offers free compilers for LPC coding language.
  • LPC Tutorial - Provides the necessary basic knowledge to create code by codebase in lp the LPmud environment, and Genesis in particular.
  • NM Documentation - LPC Documentation for coders, administrators and general audience.
  • RPG MUD Development - LPmud history and FAQ. LPC Tutorials and client information. lp Also contains information and documentation on MudOS.
  • LPC - Brief history of LPC, binarys, documentation, sources and lp application.

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