Fantasy MUCKs By Codebase MUDs

Roleplaying MUCKs with a fantasy setting. "Fantasy" generally means fanciful worlds of the past, including but not limited to "medieval" settings.

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  • A Legend of Mana MUCK: Fa'Diel - Roleplay in the world of Squaresoft\\'s Legend of Mana RPG. Fuzzball 5.6. Original and feature character information, plots and logs, and roleplay and fighting rules.
  • Trimere - Furry medieval roleplay. Fuzzball 5.6. Rules and theme, fantasy world information and map, staff list, and online fantasy applications. Frames.
  • Camelot - Medieval furry service. Fuzzball 5.6. Policies, online character by codebase requests, backstory, maps, and future plans.
  • FurryFaire - Furry fantasy-medieval roleplaying and social service. GlowMuck 3.1.7. History and race data, mailing list, and exhaustive information about the FurryFaire Role playing Program.
  • Cat's Haven - Furry roleplay in an Egyptian-flavored Age of Chivalry. Fuzzball 5.66. Staff list, background, timeline, and mailing list.
  • Xenogears MUCK - Roleplay in the world of Squaresoft\\'s Xenogears RPG. Fuzzball 5.6. mucks Rules and application documents, roleplay logs, plot information, and message mucks boards.
  • KitsuMUCK - Kitsune themed MUCK, welcoming other species. ProtoMUCK 2.0. mucks Site contains wiki with theme info, forums, and mucks character editor.
  • The Underground Castle - Furry-friendly fantasy roleplay. Fuzzball 5.64. Policies, map, class information, and mucks player art gallery.
  • JipangMUCK - Fantasy roleplaying in a historical Asian country. ProtoMUCK mucks 1.5. Theme and world history, rules, and character mucks and application information.

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