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  • Redwall MUCK - Roleplay in the world of the furry Redwall series by Brian Jacques. Nameless 1.21.
  • India MUCK - Roleplay Indian wildlife including tigers, lions, and wolves. mucks News, rules, and species guide. Frames.
  • Circle of Life MUCK - Roleplay in the future of the world of by codebase The furry Lion King.
  • Scar's Domains - Devoted to the rise of Scar in power furry and domination mucks of the Pridelands. Pop-ups.
  • SPR Members - Links to pages of Sociopolitical Ramifications members, includes furry pictures.
  • The Lion King MUCK - Lion King roleplay. Fuzzball 5.6. Rules, application information, by codebase and furry player list with pictures.

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