Science Fiction MUCKs By Codebase MUDs

Roleplaying MUCKs with science fiction themes such as outer space, cyberpunk, and postapocalyptic.

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  • toon - Political cartoons about FurrySpace.
  • Wildplanet - Map and planetary data for a low-tech, natural planet on Furscape.
  • Furscape - Space roleplay after a war destroys Earth and science fiction leaves science fiction only furries in a moon colony. ProtoMUCK science fiction 1.75. Rules, science fiction guides, and encyclopedia of world information.
  • Star Wars: The New Furalaxy - Roleplay in anthropomorphized version of the Star Wars science fiction universe. by codebase Logs, character art, and staff and feature science fiction character lists.
  • The Wit and Whimsy of Furry Space - A review of Furscape.
  • MUmuck - Postapocalyptic anime/furry roleplay with the NeoTokyo BESM system. mucks Rules and by codebase application information. Frames.

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