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Online text games based on various comic universes, superhero and non-superhero.

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See Also:
  • X-Men: Mythologies MUX - Role-playing game featuring Marvel Comics\' X-Men, circa Legion comics Quest.
  • GD2K - The Gold Digger 2000 MUSH - Based on the Gold Digger comics by Fred comics Perry, a mix of fantasy, action/adventure and comedy. comics Characters can RP in the realms of Earth, comics Jade, Eden and the Realm of the Undead comics and interact with multiple races.
  • The TMNT MUSH Nexicon - A supplementary source for the players of the comics TMNT MUSH, mush as well an information source for comics a MUSH-based Role Playing mush game based on the comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Original and mush Cannon characters comics are welcomed and humans and mutants are adored!
  • Mutatis Mutandis MUX - An adventure in interactive roleplay based in the by codebase world comics of the X-Men that diverges from Marvel by codebase continuity circa comics August 1989.
  • Batman: Gotham Knights - The game is set in DC Comic\\'s Gotham by codebase City mush just after the events of Batman: Fugitive. by codebase Players can mush create original or feature characters from by codebase DC titles.
  • Champions MUSH - An online internet adaptation of the role-playing game. mush Play as superheroes, supervillains, or game masters/admins.

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