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Sites whose purpose is to provide a comprehensive overview of MUSHing. Resource sites typically include general information and provide directories, FAQs, chats and forums, publications etc.

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  • MUSH Headquarters - Polls, reviews, and lists of MUSHs. Rules, clients, mush character pages, mush tips, and resources for role-playing enjoyment.
  • Electric Soup - A community. Includes news, discussion forums, and articles.
  • MUSH Reference - An introduction to MUSHing by Nick Gammon, author mush of MUSHClient. Includes how-to sections on building mush and locks.
  • WORA: When Online RPGs Attack - A site for the discussion and criticism of MUSHes. (Registration required)
  • Central Casting - Volunteers willing to provide non-player characters to round out tinyplots.
  • On the Proper Care and Feeding of MUSHes - Many thought-provoking ideas for MUSH staff.
  • GameWyrd - A roleplaying community that provides a listing of by codebase MUSHes mush and MUSH resources.
  • MU* Gateway - Offers information about MU* games in general. The MUSH resources itself is a place where players and staff in the resources MU* community can meet to chat, promote their games, and resources to share their ideas and knowledge.

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