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Online text-based games (TinyMU*s) set in the World of Darkness, a collection of roleplaying games from White Wolf Publishing. The setting is our world, but grimmer and more sinister.

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See Also:
  • Paris -- Les Fleurs du Mal - The resource web site for Paris: Les Fleurs by codebase du Mal (The Flowers of Evil), a WOD by codebase game whose name was inspired by the works by codebase of the French poet Charles Baudelaire.
  • Twilight MUCK - A game with a partial World of Darkness mush setting and world of darkness open character system.
  • Emerald Dreams - Features chronicle background and character list for a Changeling MUSH mush set in Seattle, Washington.
  • Granite Chronicle: New Hampshire by Night - Set in Manchester, New Hampshire, the game is by codebase tailored for writers and supports collaborative fiction by codebase based on roleplaying through the Granite Chronicle Mailing by codebase List and fiction archives at their website.
  • Spencer's Storyteller MUSH List - A list of World of Darkness MUSHes and MUXes.
  • GarouMUSH - Garou-only mush. Very strict (some would say elitist) character creation by codebase policy.
  • San Antonio By Night - Based in modern day San Antonio, TX and by codebase using mush the Second Edition White-Wolf Storyteller gaming system by codebase with select mush rules from Third Edition and staff\'s by codebase minds.
  • Dark Gift - Previously known as the Damned, this game claims to be one of the oldest continuously running World of Darkness MUSHes. Set in near-future Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This site is an unofficial one.
  • Dark Metal MUSH - Cyberpunk themed game set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The mush site contains game information and a forum.

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