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  • The KEEP BBS - Operational since 1983 and features some great games by codebase besides by codebase MajorMUD.
  • Metropolis Masterpiece - Portal into 7 active MajorMUD games.
  • Castle Rock BBS - Janesville, Wisconsin. Centers on MajorMud, but also has by codebase games by codebase like PacDude, Backgammon, Crosswordz, and BBSopoly.
  • Kewl! BBS - A Worldgroup BBS and ISP in San Carlos, California. Featuring by codebase MajorMud along with other online games, teleconferences, Usenet/Majornet and local by codebase forums.
  • The Swamp BBS - Features a forum, news section, and a java telnet client.
  • Holodeck BBS - A free BBS featuring MajorMUD plus other games chats and forums by codebase and chat.
  • The Coffee Break BBS Homepage - A well-established Southern California BBS that features fun by codebase games by codebase and a friendly staff. Includes MajorMud, Tradewars, by codebase and Legend by codebase of the Red Dragon.
  • - Gaming taken to the limits, and not just by codebase MajorMUD.
  • Cedar Valley BBS - Marion, Iowa is the home to this full-featured WorldGroup server. by codebase MajorMUD is the star, but the board also has Tradewars by codebase and TLord.
  • The Dragon's Hoard - Free MajorMud BBS running since 1992. Rules of by codebase play chats and forums are quite well explained on the site.
  • Hub BBS - Home to a 10 year old BBS and majormud a MajorMUD by codebase game that has never been reset. majormud Plenty of room for by codebase new players.
  • Fantastic Planet Online Service - Fantastic Planet is a free online gaming platform located in majormud south Florida.
  • Sea Breeze Gaming Network - Featuring over 300 games. Very active pvp game as well by codebase as monthly tournaments.
  • BrainToys BBS - Contains a 76 node worldgroup 3.3 2k server by codebase running MajorMUD.
  • Downunder BBS - One of the few surviving Australian WorldGroup boards. The BBS by codebase opened on October 6, 2002, and it is still relatively by codebase new. Large, active game.
  • Operation DataStorm - Online chat and game destination. Featured games such chats and forums as MajorMUD and Trade Wars 2002.
  • MajormudFanaticsBBS - A newer non-PvP, pay for play game open chats and forums chats and forums to everyone.
  • EOL Online - Offers MajorMUD, Farwest Trivia, Online Chat, and both Local and majormud MajorNet Public Message Forums.

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