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Python based MUD server with strong web integration built on top of the Twisted and Django frameworks. Site provides documentation and the source code.

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  • JUDGE - Java Universal Distributed Game Engine - based on a client/server development architecture and written entirely in java.
  • WolfMUD - Java mud server intended to be easy to install and run. Contains a World Builder with a GUI.
  • DUMB - The Diabolically Uncrashable Mud Builder. Mud server implemented cross-platform in Java codebases consisting of a Lisp-like language interpreter cross-platform for the creation of codebases MUDs.
  • Key - Mud server written in Java boasting full telnet cross-platform support, object development property reflection, and a transparent storage cross-platform management mechanism.
  • Bluemud - Project to rewrite the Varium MUD server in codebases Java, incorporating a Python interpreter for world development.
  • CoffeeMud - MUD server written in Java. The site contains news, related links, documentation, and the source code.
  • TeensyMud - Event driven MUD server written in Ruby using a YAML codebases formatted text database.
  • Evennia - Python based MUD server with strong web integration development built on codebases top of the Twisted and Django development frameworks. Site provides documentation codebases and the source code.
  • Momoko - An open source, modular, extensible platform for building codebases multi-user environment. development Written in Java.

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