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A multi-player adventure game originally for the VMS. The site contains the original source code and a Linux port in C.

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  • DUMB - The \\'Diabolically Uncrashable MUD Builder\\' project aims to development provide a server that is first and foremost development stable and reliable. The DUMB language is a development dialect of Lisp.
  • CoolMUD Server - CoolMUD is an object-oriented, disk-based MUD server originally written by the creator of MOO. It has support for distributed processing. This version features some bug fixes in the server and improved in-database code.
  • The ColdC Project - A group of programmers involved in developing in ColdC. ColdC is an object-oriented database language designed for setting up persistent online servers, such as MUDs.
  • EmberMUD - Flexible open-source MUD engine, capable of supporting almost any role-playing setting.
  • ScryMUD - ScryMUD is a GPL licensed, C++ MUD codebase. ScryMUD is also an online game set in post apocalyptic earth.
  • CGMUD - Graphical MUD system ported from AmigaMUD. Has a graphical MUD development client written in Java and an efficient server written in development C. CGMUD is not derived from any other MUD and development has no licensing restrictions.
  • Monster - A multi-player adventure game originally for the VMS. development The site codebases contains the original source code and development a Linux port in codebases C.

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