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Commonly used core, which consists of the most essential objects from LambdaMOO. Somewhat minimal in features compared to other cores, but often served as a base for these.

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Editor's Picks:

LambdaMOO Server* - This SourceForge project includes the latest release of the Lambda MOO server and provides unofficial patches, CVS access and similar services.
LambdaMOO Programming Manual* - The programming bible of MOO. Covers all server functions and explains how the server works.
LambdaMOO Quick Reference* - Compiled from LambdaMOO's introductory help pages.

  • JHCore - Home Page - A core database. Features hypertext help, object integration codebases and support development for advanced clients. Programming interfaces may codebases be unfamiliar to those development accustomed to LambdaCore.
  • LambdaCore - Commonly used core, which consists of the most codebases essential objects codebases from LambdaMOO. Somewhat minimal in features codebases compared to other cores, codebases but often served as codebases a base for these.
  • VMOO MCP Information - Contains the most recent VMoo protocol specification and codebases implementation of VMoo custom packages.
  • $MacMOOSE_Utils - Implements the special server protocol used by version codebases 2.0 and higher of the MacMOOSE client (and codebases all versions of the WinMOOSE client) to enable codebases their advanced editing features.
  • The Arch-Wiz FAQ - A useful resource for new wizards, answering the most common codebases questions covering MOOs.
  • Fringe's MOO Resources - Contains several useful MOO related items.
  • MOO Database Browser - Command-line and web-based tools to view information in moo MOO database files which are not executing.
  • Ken Fox's MOO stuff - A collection of enhancements for the LambdaMOO server.
  • Expat binding for LambdaMOO Server - A binding of expat to the LambdaMOO Server. development It provides two new functions which accept an development XML document in a string, parse it using development expat, and return a LIST data structure representing development the parsed XML.
  • Yib's Pet Rock: a MOO Programming Primer for Beginners - A classic by LambaMOO wizard Yib, also available at LambaMOO. development Step by step from beginner to fairly advanced work.
  • The Lost Library of MOO - Links to manuals, tutorials, FAQs, research papers and other resources.
  • Ghostcore - A core database for use with the Lambdamoo server. This core is derived from the popular GhostWheel role playing game (RPG) database.
  • MOO Hardware and Software Requirements - Information about the requirements to run a MOO.
  • WinMOO - Unofficial LambdaMOO server that runs on Windows.
  • File I/O - Adds several wizard-only functions for manipulating files from inside the MOO.
  • Aloha Webserver - In-MOO webserver for LambdaMOO databases, which includes HTTP development authentication and development a CGI-like environment for web applications.
  • LambdaMOO DB File Anatomy - Specifies the format used in LambdaMOO database files.
  • How to Learn MOO Programming - Annotated list of tutorials in MOO programming, intended for non-programmers.
  • MOO Programmer's Quick Reference Sheet - A cheat sheet of the vocabulary used in MOOs. Cryptic development for non-programmers.
  • WAIF Server Patch - Adds WAIF objects, which are stripped objects that moo cannot have moo descendants and lack most of the moo built-in properties that normal moo objects have.

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