TinyMUSH TinyMUD Codebases Development

Sites which contain information or downloads related to the TinyMUSH codebase.

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  • TinyMUX 2 - Large collection of resources and downloads related to the TinyMUX tinymush 2 codebase.
  • Just MUSHing Around - Code archives, a guide to TCL (PennMUSH), and tinymush several treatises on coding theory.
  • TinyMUX Wiki - Wiki site covering the four main MUSH codebases.
  • Talvo's PennMUSH Suite - A small repository of softcoded global commands for PennMUSH games.
  • BattletechMUX - Wiki containing information on running and playing a tinymush BattletechMUX.
  • PennMUSH for Win32 - A version of PennMUSH compiled to work on tinymush Win32 systems.
  • PennMUSH - A popular TinyMUSH server with modern memory handling.
  • TinyMUSH/Mac Project - Port of TinyMUSH to Macintosh.
  • MudCore - A free, public starter database for TinyMUSH 3 codebases based games.
  • MUSH Formatter - MUSH code formatting and unformatting tool for Windows.
  • DJ-Tech MUSH Code Repository - Small code repository including exit and room parents and ocean system.
  • Sandbox Globals Project - A cooperative effort to produce a cross-platform softcode tinymush package of basic global commands and systems.
  • Joi's Mushcode and Patches Archive - Code archive, plus information on building, MUSH administration, codebases TinyMUSH patches tinymud and hacks.
  • MOOSH.net - A small collection of utilities geared toward CyberPunk tinymud players tinymud and admins.
  • MUSHRoom - A graphical area creation utility for Windows. It tinymush allows exporting areas as MUSHCode for a variety tinymush of TinyMUSH derived codebases.
  • Gwen Morse's MUSH Page - A significant amount of MUSH and MUX code tinymush written by tinymud Gwen Morse, a self-described housewife turned tinymush coder.
  • TinyMUSH 3 - Descendant of TinyMUD, supports multi-user communications in a tinymud text-based virtual world format.

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