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A Nomic is a game where one of the objectives, and at the beginning the only one, is changing the rules. The initial rules consist of little more than describing how to change them. They can grow, morph, shrink, and do just about anything that the players want. This category covers web sites dedicated to Nomics played over e-mail.

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Nomic* - An introduction to the game that is about changing its own rules. By the inventor, Peter Suber.

  • Blind Nomic - A variant with rules unknown to the players.
  • Radio Free Nomic - A PBEM nomic, open to new players, in nomic which Donuts are the currency.
  • Socialnomic - The mailing list necessary to play this nomic.
  • CharNomic - Defunct group. An archive of players, rulesets, proposals, and judgments.
  • NomicWiki - A space for collaborative maintenance of various documents abstract related to nomic the game of Nomic. abstract The new home of nomic the Nomic FAQ and abstract then Net Nomic Database.

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