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A freeform channel in a medieval castle setting, with a small and dedicated community. Website has channel information and character biographies.

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  • Vampire Journeys - A FFRPG set on a luxury cruise ship and the chat various ports it docks in. Information on setting and characters chat details, along with referenced logs.
  • Legend Weavers - The Legend Weavers IRC server. Dedicated to hosting irc roleplay channels, and currently home to a number irc of established games.
  • Forbidden City - A freeform roleplaying game based on \\'Vampire: The irc Masquerade\\' and set on a fictional island, off irc the west coast of Australia. All supernaturals welcomed. irc IRC channel #Club`Vampire found on SorceryNet.
  • Bravhrt Castle - A freeform channel in a medieval castle setting, irc with a small and dedicated community. Website has irc channel information and character biographies.
  • The Dragonheart Inn - Website of Sorcery\\'s #Dragonheart FFRP channel. Open to all players. freeform Provides IC and OOC news and character profiles.
  • Exodus Night - Highly detailed website giving much information on this freeform FFRP channel on the Chattacomb network. Also artwork freeform and stories based on the game.
  • SweetMystics Wolf Pack - A freeform roleplay wolf pack on SorceryNet. Site has pack freeform information as well as information on the wild wolf, support freeform and artwork and writings by players.
  • Imperia - Well established mediæval freeform game spanning three channels, freeform perhaps more chat suited to experienced players. Highly detailed freeform site with reference chat sections, reflecting the staff freeform and players\\' commitment to the integrity chat of their freeform game.
  • The DeSade Empire - An empire-style freeform RPG whose society is based freeform on torture chat and BDSM. 18+ recommended. Site gives freeform play guidelines, character profiles chat and in-character information.
  • Golantica - Freeform Anime/Star Wars game set in a galaxy freeform neighbouring the irc Milky Way. Many interlinked channels, each freeform representing a planet. Site irc has information on these freeform and playing rules.
  • Omega Risings - A Gundam based mobile suit RPG set in freeform alternate universe. chat On the Webchat network. Details freeform on plotlines, subgroups, members, chat and Mecha technical information.
  • Arèthane - Elven based roleplay spread across a number of freeform linked channels, chat providing a large environment. Articles on freeform Elven life and information chat on joining. Over 18 freeform ONLY.

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