Non-Freeform IRC Chat Roleplaying

IRC Role Playing games that are not Freeform.

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  • RPG Systems, Inc. - A beseen chat RPG consisting of different games/animes joined together. irc Primarily based on Dragon Ball Z.
  • Club Insomnia - Ongoing and current Vampire: the Masquerade IRC game using the non-freeform Storyteller game system.
  • Keepers of Krivan Official Website. AD&D Second Edition. - Though unfinished site appears to be for a non-freeform non free-form chat mIRC role playing channel based on non-freeform 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons chat and Dragons.
  • Chat Gaming Online - Players wanted for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, ShadowRun, non-freeform and BattleTech irc games. IRC Non-Freeform gaming site.

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