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[Messageboards] Based in the future just after a war involving humans and mutants. [Game no longer active. Archived posts may be of interest.]

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See Also:
  • The Real X-Men - [Messageboards] Roleplay a member of the X-Men. Rules comics and available comics characters. Game played in a Yahoo! comics group.
  • Genesis-X RPG - [Messageboards] Based in the future just after a x-men war involving x-men humans and mutants. [Game no longer x-men active. Archived posts may x-men be of interest.]
  • The Uncanny X-Men RPG - [Messageboards] Freeform roleplaying setting. Rules, how to join, available characters x-men and staff list.
  • X-Men: Dark Evolutions - [Messageboards] Based on core Marvel universe set in Salem Center, x-men New York. Players can play Marvel and original characters.
  • X-Factor - [Messageboards] Set just after "X-Men Reload" takes place. x-men Canon characters roleplaying only. Available character list, rules and x-men application template.
  • The X-RP - [Messageboards] Freeform roleplaying inspired by the Uncanny X-Men comic series. comics All characters are original, rather than canon, and are assigned comics a power by GMs on acceptance. Includes rules, character biographies comics and how to apply.
  • Themed - [Messsageboards] Based on X-Men comics. Available character list, biographies and roleplaying rules.

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