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  • Gunboat Empires - Lead a country against 27 others in a 1900\\'s-era world. roleplaying Strategic level game includes colonies, technology, combat, intel, economics, etc.
  • 1483 Axis & Allies Play-By-Email Variant - Web pages for the 1483 Play-By-Email medieval Axis play-by-e-mail and Allies play-by-e-mail Variant. Up to 44 players in play-by-e-mail a single game. Game play-by-e-mail play is free.
  • e-Warbirds - Air-to-air World War II combat. Rules, aircraft available, play-by-e-mail player rankings, command list and forums.
  • Little Bedrock - Spaghetti western setting. Players can play villains or roleplaying bounty hunters. play-by-e-mail Rules, characters, town map and current roleplaying events.

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