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  • Night World Clubs - A webring for role-playing games based on the worlds of Lisa Jane Smith.
  • Starshield - [Messageboards] Listserve for the Starshield setting created by roleplaying Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis. Players design and roleplaying run empires in space.
  • Ansible MOO - Text-based role-playing game, set in the Orson Scott roleplaying Card novel, literature Ender's Game.
  • The Krul Raptor Pack - [IRC] Based on the book "Raptor Red" by online Robert Bakker. online Players play utahraptors, progressing through from online youngster to adult. Rules, online how to join and online current members.
  • Druids of Paranor - [PBEM] Based on the Shannara series by Terry online Brooks. Players online can be warrior, healer or mystic online druids. Rules, current character online roster and application forms.
  • The Heroes of D'Hara - [Messageboards] Based on Terry Goodkind\\'s "Sword of Truth" series. Freeform gameplay.
  • The Clan - [Messageboards] Freeform roleplay based on the Earth\\'s Children novels of roleplaying Jean M. Auel.

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