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This category contains web sites pertaining to Star Trek themed roleplaying games and simulations played using IRC.

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See Also:
  • Star Trek Alliance - Based on the USS Hellfire, NCC-56321, a prototype ship, thrown 100 years in the future.
  • Star Trek: Inquisitor - The USS Inquisitor is a Defiant Class vessel, fitted with chat an experimental drive. Unfortunately, the drive didn\\'t work, and during chat the first trials, the entire ship with its skeleton crew chat was thrown out of its dimension.
  • The Virtual USS Enterprise-1701-D - Simulations take place on a replica of the USS Enterprise-D.
  • USS Fearless - A part of "Star Trek: the Fourteenth Fleet". irc Contains crew irc and technical information.
  • U.S.S Poseidon - IRC-based role-playing game played aboard an Excalibur class star trek starship.
  • Liberty, USS - The USS Liberty, NCC-23751, was the 10th Sovereign chat class starship to be produced. Part of Starfleet chat Simulations Online.
  • Voyager-A, USS - The USS Voyager-A, NCC-74656-A, is an Intrepid-Class starship, irc commissioned after the original Voyager was destroyed by irc Captain Janeway.
  • Galactic Empires - Includes ships from almost all the series. Provides star trek sims irc for people of all ages.

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