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Roleplaying game incorporating all aspects of the Trek universe following the Dominion War. Includes games for all major star powers.

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  • The Admiral's Galaxy - Roleplaying game incorporating all aspects of the Trek message boards universe message boards following the Dominion War. Includes games for message boards all major message boards star powers.
  • STF: Star-Fleet - An online Star Trek roleplaying club played on star trek a television and movies proprietary WeBB message system.
  • Star Trek Fan Force - A discussions and Roleplaying community.
  • Federation Space - Federation Space is a play-by-message-board Star Trek roleplaying game set television and movies 30 years after the events portrayed in Star Trek: The television and movies Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager.
  • USS Arrow - A lost ship with an inexperienced crew. television and movies Join now to help them find a way television and movies home.
  • The First Frontier RPG HomePage - The First Frontier prides itself on being a television and movies join today simm tomorrow roleplaying game. A classic television and movies Trek RPG using message boards.
  • Outpost Eskelon: Final War - Players command at least one ship. Game is message boards based star trek 30 years after the end of Voyager. message boards Many new star trek technologies/ships.
  • Starfleet Federation Defense Force - Star Trek RPG set around a group of message boards ships at the outskirts of the Federation in message boards the aftermath of the Dominion War.
  • Star Trek RPG - Play-by-message board Star Trek based role-playing that includes star trek dice rolling as a component of the game.
  • USS Raven - Star Trek Roleplaying game set aboard the USS star trek Raven message boards sometime after DS9. Site contains news, star trek rules, forums, message boards and join forms.

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