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  • Serapis, USS - The USS Serapis, NCC-59025, is a Montu-class Light asr Cruiser and part of the Krima Expeditionary Force.
  • Deep Space 13 - Deep Space 13 is a Star Core-Class space gold fleet station gold fleet stationed near the Gorn Hegemony/ Tholian Holdfast gold fleet border, on gold fleet the fringes of Gold Fleet\\'s Area gold fleet of Operations. She gold fleet also lies nearby the Goliath gold fleet wormhole to Lehrren Alliance gold fleet space, on an unknown gold fleet location of t
  • Leviathan, USS - The USS Leviathan, NCC-25002, is an Agamemnon-Class Battle Cruiser and play-by-e-mail part of the Krima Expeditionary Force.
  • ASR - Gold Fleet Web Site - Central information database for GOLD Fleet, a part asr of ASR.

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