Allied Electronic Simulations Play-By-E-Mail Star Trek Television and Movies

Allied Electronic Simulations is an Internet Role-Playing-Game sim group with sims run via email set within a variety of sci-fi and fantasy genres such as Star Trek.

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  • Knight, USS - The USS Knight, NCC-4141, is a modified Sovereign allied electronic simulations star trek Class vessel. Rating: PG-13.
  • Galaxy, USS - Set in the current Star Trek TNG, DS9, play-by-e-mail Voyager timeline star trek on the USS Galaxy, NCC-70637. Rating: play-by-e-mail R.
  • Caduceus, USS - Set on the hospital ship USS Caduceus, NCC-9462, star trek in the year 2378. Rating: PG-13.
  • Allied Electronic Simulations (AES) - Roleplaying games of the email variety. Many different simulations, primarily star trek Star Trek.
  • AQA Unification - Set in 2380, the current timeline of Deep allied electronic simulations star trek Space Nine and Voyager aboard the Unification, a allied electronic simulations star trek prototype and the flagship of the newly formed allied electronic simulations star trek Alpha Quadrant Alliance. Rating: PG-13.
  • Republic, USS - Set around the same time as Kirk\\'s second play-by-e-mail 5-year mission on the USS Republic, NCC-1371. Rating: play-by-e-mail R.
  • Endeavour, USS - The USS Edeavour, NCC-71805, is a Nebula Class Starship. Rating: star trek R.
  • Atlantis, USS - The USS Atlantis, NCC-73660-A, is a Sovereign Class allied electronic simulations Starship. Set in 2377, four years after the allied electronic simulations Deep Space 9 timeline. Rating: PG-13.
  • Prometheus, USS - Set on the USS Prometheus, NX-59650, in th star trek year star trek 2377. Rating: PG-13.

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