Argus Fleet Play-By-E-Mail Star Trek Television and Movies

Argus Fleet is a game based in the Star Trek universe in which our players take on the identity of original characters, usually Starfleet Officers.

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  • Avalon, USS - The USS Avalon, NCC-76262-A, is a modified New play-by-e-mail Orleans Class argus fleet starship.
  • Diligent, USS - The USS Diligent, NCC 85043, is a Defiant play-by-e-mail Class escort argus fleet ship.
  • Argus Fleet - Argus Fleet is a play by e-mail RPG star trek that star trek currently has four ships in two divisions.
  • To'wo'd, IKS - The IKS To\'wo\'d is a K\'vort class Battle play-by-e-mail Cruiser.
  • Starbase Argus - Starbase Argus is the home base of Argus argus fleet Fleet.

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