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A fleet of ships that traveled to the Delta Quadrant, through the Deltan Wormhole.

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  • New Terra Colony - New Terra was the federation\\'s only colony in delta quadrant fleet the Delta Quadrant. This tiny community was Starfleet\\'s delta quadrant fleet foothold in the quadrant until the Falcarian Allegiance delta quadrant fleet succeeded in defeating the Federation\\'s forces in the delta quadrant fleet quadrant.
  • Amon-Re, USS - The USS Amon-Re, NCC 42831-A, is a Nebula star trek Class Starship, that has left the safety of star trek the Federation in an attempt to help what star trek is left of Delta Fleet. However, they must star trek deal with the Dunkerque Sector before they have star trek any hope of saving their comrades.
  • Delta Quadrant Fleet - A fleet of Starships, based in the Delta delta quadrant fleet Quadrant.

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