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Close to the infamous Cardassian border, a small fleet engages in a seemingly hopeless war to defend their two most valuable resources: A single Class-M planet named Talos III and the Federation Starbase designated 174. When the Cardassians joined the Dominion in their fight against the Federation, most of the 13th was called back to defend Federation space. Now the 13th struggles to fight off the Dominion on their own front. The Forgotten Front.

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  • Nemesis, USS - The USS Nemesis, NCC-74289, is an Akira class forgotten front starship star trek assigned to Fleet 13, on the Cardassian forgotten front border.
  • The Forgotten Front Gaming Organisation - A group of free Star Trek play play-by-e-mail By Email games, offering a unique shared universe play-by-e-mail to the players.
  • Elite, USS - The USS Elite, NCC-74292, is a Defiant-class starship star trek assigned forgotten front to the Federations 13th Fleet, on the star trek border of forgotten front Cardassian, now Dominion territory. Her primary star trek mission: To serve forgotten front and protect the Federation\\'s interests star trek in Sector 18, using forgotten front force if necessary.

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