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Freedom Fleet is the home of six starships and Starbase Liberty.

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  • Majestic, USS - The USS Majestic, NCC-85641-A, is a Sovereign Class freedom fleet starship, on a mission is to explore uncharted freedom fleet space and to protect the Federation.
  • Destiny, USS - The USS Destiny, NCC 42691, a Sovereign Class freedom fleet starship, star trek is a canon ship which appeared originally freedom fleet in the star trek series Deep Space Nine.
  • Starbase Liberty - Starbase Liberty is a state-of-the-art Research Facility and star trek Terraforming star trek platform. Liberty has come under attack by star trek the Romulans, star trek the Jem Hadar, terrorists, and is star trek currently at war star trek with Avalon.
  • Starfire, USS - The USS Starfire, NCC-74653, is a Galaxy-Class refit. The goal star trek of the USS Starfire is to learn, to serve, to star trek advance, without limits through adversity, into peace and freedom.
  • Freedom Fleet - Home of six ships and Starbase Liberty PBeM star trek games play-by-e-mail with databases, maps, humor and general information star trek for Star play-by-e-mail Trek fans and players. Values strong star trek writing and solid play-by-e-mail storylines.

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