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Star Trek Frontier Fleet is an E-Mail Roleplaying Game set in the Star Trek Universe in the year 2390. The USS Voyager has returned home and with the valuable data collected Starfleet has managed to built an experimental transwarp drive.

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  • Pandora Station - Pandora Station is located in the uninhabited Pandora play-by-e-mail system, orbiting the second planet. The Pandora system play-by-e-mail is one of a few planetary systems on play-by-e-mail the edge of the Din\\'ghes Nebula. After the play-by-e-mail Dominion war, the station is now used for play-by-e-mail research, and also refit
  • Valkyrie, USS - The USS Valkyrie, NCC-78603, is a Prometheus class starship with frontier fleet an undisciplined crew on a deep space mission.
  • Star Trek: Frontier Fleet - A role playing game set to explore the frontier fleet amazingly star trek diverse area of space that Voyager has frontier fleet introduced us star trek to.
  • Starfleet Academy - Starfleet Academy is located in San Francisco, Earth. Cadets from play-by-e-mail all over the Galaxy come here, to become an officer play-by-e-mail on a Federation Base or a Starship. After an individual play-by-e-mail and an advanced training, the best cadets are qualified to play-by-e-mail be promoted to Ensign.
  • Calhoun, USS - The USS Calhoun, NX-78546, is a Sovereign Class star trek starship. star trek Launched in the year 2390, the USS star trek Calhoun is star trek a deep-space exploration vessel. It is star trek the first vessel star trek to visit the Delta Quadrant star trek since Voyager\'s return some star trek 13 years ago.

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