Experimental Ships Independent Play-By-E-Mail Star Trek

PBEM independent roleplaying games that are set aboard starships that are not canon Trek ships.

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  • Inferno, USS - Empirical class starship, on a seven year mission to explore the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • Crimson Troglodyte - A Deep Space Nine based role playing game play-by-e-mail set on experimental ships a Crimson class starship.
  • USS Endevour - Game set on a Quasar class starship.
  • USS Spartan - Cleaning the Crime from the Galaxy - PBeM RPG based on the Star Trek universe.
  • Phoenix, USS - Prometheus-X class Starship en route to the Romulan independent Neutral Zone to investigate unusual readings.
  • Intrepid, USS - Proteus class vessel dispatched to explore the \\'Fringe\\', a dangerous and mysterious part outlying the Beta Quadrant.
  • Galatae, USS - Set aboard a Galatea Class carrier.
  • Pantheus, USS - Biological starship of the Hellhawk class assigned to exploring the independent far reaches of the Delta Quadrant.
  • Sollertia-B, USS - Dawnstar Class ship, capable of creating time and experimental ships reality independent rifts.
  • Sunfire, USS - Set in the year 2378 on a Pioneer class heavy experimental ships battle cruiser.
  • Ramoth, USS - Dragon class vessel equipped for time-travel.
  • Paladin, USS - Champion of Cause - Proteus class ship tasked with exploratory or diplomatic independent missions. Emphasis play-by-e-mail on character development and teamwork.

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