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The year is 2380. The fact that a war has ended does not mean that tensions have calmed. Studies have shown that peace time is in fact more stressful than war.

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  • Starbase Arcadia - Starbase Arcardia is one in a series of soultrek large spacedock star trek facilities capable of building large starships.
  • Carpathia, USS - The USS Carpathia, NCC-17499, is an Akira Class play-by-e-mail starship.
  • Soultrek - A free PBeM RPG set in the realm soultrek of Star Trek.
  • Entropy, USS - The USS Entropy, NCC-11955, is an Intrepid Class play-by-e-mail starship.
  • Deep Space 23 - Deep Space 23 is a Federation / Klingon outpost.
  • Independence, USS - The USS Independence, NCC 90791, is a Universe Class Starship.
  • Challenger, USS - The USS Challenger, NCC-9000, is a Sovereign Class star trek starship.

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