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The Federation Constitution provides for a fleet of ships, with the mandate to seek out new life forms and new civilizations. A combination deep-space exploration agency, diplomatic corps, and defence force, Starfleet is perhaps the Federation's greatest monument, a symbol of the UFP's strength and ideals. Starfleet trains its personnel not only to execute their exacting duties under the most adverse conditions, but also to serve as examples for the rest of the citizenry and to use that role responsibly. Extremely selective entrance requirements ensure that Starfleet welcomes only the Federation's best, boldest, and brightest into its ranks. But a war of survival against the Dominion has left the Federation weakened, but victorious and free. However the cost of victory has been extensive, and the galaxy holds still many dangers. Are you ready to take on the role of a Starfleet Officer or NCO (Marine or Naval) in this time of recovery? Browse our site, and see if you too wish to join us in our adventures. A unique experience, with unique people, "To boldly go where no one has gone before".

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  • Lancelot, USS - The USS Lancelot, NCC-74410, is a Nebula class tango fleet starship, serving in Division One of Tango Fleet.
  • Pegasus, USS - The USS Pegasus, NCC 53847-C, is a Sabre-class star trek vessel play-by-e-mail launched in the year 2377 at the star trek close of play-by-e-mail the Dominion War. The Pegasus is star trek part of Division play-by-e-mail Two of Tango Fleet.
  • Deridous IV - Found in an area of space known of as "The tango fleet Crossroads" Deridous IV is a planet absolutely teeming with life, tango fleet adventure, and scientific discoveries. Part of Division Two of Tango tango fleet Fleet.
  • Saturn, USS - The USS Saturn, NCC-2822-A, is a Galaxy class starship, serving tango fleet in Division Three of Tango Fleet.
  • Cambrian, USS - The USS Cambrian, NCC-74986, is an Akira class play-by-e-mail starship, serving play-by-e-mail in Division Three of Tango Fleet.
  • Starbase 98: Intelligence Team IV - Starbase 98 is orbiting the Federation colony world of Tracos star trek III and is home to Starfleet Intelligence\\'s expansion of its star trek primary operating capacities on Earth, Tellar and Mars. Part of star trek Division One of Tango Fleet.
  • Lancelot, USS - Security Department - Located on Deck 7, the Security Department of play-by-e-mail the USS star trek Lancelot is open during all duty play-by-e-mail shifts.
  • Dragonstar, USS - The USS Dragonstar, NCC-81625, is a Prometheus class starship and part of Division One of Tango Fleet.
  • Starbase Tango - Starbase Tango is a Tango Fleet Academy training sim and is part of Division Three of Tango Fleet.

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