UFOP Play-By-E-Mail Star Trek Television and Movies

The UFOP group offers simulations which take place in the Star Trek universe. The group offers simulations over electronic mail (Play by Email Simming).

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  • Paladin, USS - The USS Paladin, NCC-93172, is a Prometheus class starship.
  • Victory, USS - The USS Victory, NCC-362447, is an Intrepid class star trek exploration and support vessel.
  • UFOP: StarBase 118 - Organization offering a Star Trek role playing community, ufop available on a play-by-e-mail basis.
  • Kodiak, USS - The USS Kodiak-A, NCC-31198, is a Dauntless Class Star Ship based at Star Base 118.
  • Galileo, USS - The USS Galileo, NCC-122, is an Ambassador class star trek starship, play-by-e-mail on a mission to expand the horizons star trek of Federation play-by-e-mail science.

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