Final Fantasy Video Game Themed Roleplaying Online

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See Also:
  • Omnislash - Based on Final Fantasy VII (AOL or AIM). Includes rules, groups, members and general information.
  • Limit-Break Fantasy Roleplaying - Facilitates roleplaying through message boards. Also contains fan final fantasy art.
  • Unlimited Dreams Final Fantasy RPG - Joining details, characters, armies and general information (AOL).
  • Final Fantasy VIII Chaos - An online creative writing RPG played on Proboards video game themed roleplaying message boards.
  • Final Fantasy Z - [AOL and PBEM] Rules based game featuring magic video game themed roleplaying and weapons based combat. How to join, equipment video game themed roleplaying available, training, spells and guild system.
  • Bob's FF7 RPG - Online RPG played on AOL Instant Messenger.
  • Edeas Orphans - [Messageboards] Set in the aftermath of the Second final fantasy Sorceress War (FF8). Players are orphans of the final fantasy war, and many have become seeD mercenaries.

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