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Become the head of a European nation. Using diplomacy, economic planning and military power, compete against other players, through e-mail, for supremacy on the continent.

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See Also:
  • Prometheus - Strategical turn based game for 10 to 20 play-by-e-mail players via strategy e-mail or post, C++ engine is play-by-e-mail Open Source and free strategy for download here.
  • Lords of Gyrne - A strategic play-by-email fantasy game in which players online strive to strategy become Emperor by battling for dominance online in a medieval fantasy strategy world.
  • System War - Free browser-based game similar to risk, with message play-by-e-mail board and community.
  • Yahoo! Groups: International Federation of Nations (IFN) - Message board for the game "Global Struggle", by online Ron McBride.
  • Shadow Island Games - Hosts Olympia, The Age of Gods, Singularity, Food play-by-e-mail Chain and Arena games. Also links to pbem play-by-e-mail tools and other sites.
  • Play by Email Emporium - This site is dedicated to supporting the play of board play-by-e-mail wargames and especially small wargames via electronic means. Utilities play-by-e-mail such as Cyberboard, Aide De Camp II, and VMAP are play-by-e-mail supported.
  • Medieval Warlords - Takes place in the Middle Ages, when mighty play-by-e-mail Kings ruled by fire and sword. The first play-by-e-mail scenario available is "Medieval Diplomacy", which is a play-by-e-mail strategic-level war game, where players rule historical kingdoms, play-by-e-mail leading their armies of armored warrior
  • Civil War OnLine (CWOL) - A military, economic, and political simulation of the American Civil War with both wargaming and roleplaying aspects.
  • Bramley's Battlefields and Wargames - Including Waterloo, Napolionics and American Civil War, Delta Force, strategy Talonsoft, and Gettysberg.
  • NationsPBM (Play-By-e-mail) - A modern day wargame including 95% of the online world\\'s nations. Play by E-mail or snail mail. online Currently in production and looking for people to online help shape the game.
  • Dip_GM's Diplomacy Site - A turn-based wargame with emphasis on your diplomatic play-by-e-mail skills and strategy. The game starts at play-by-e-mail the beginning of 1901, before WW1, where you play-by-e-mail are at the command of one of the play-by-e-mail big seven nations of Europe.
  • Donal's Diplomacy - Classic Diplomacy game with players from across the strategy European area.
  • 1914-Home - Simulation war game based on the world situation strategy as it was in 1914. Players are responsible strategy for a country or empire and must consider strategy many factors to survive.
  • A Twilight of Empires, Lords of the Earth 13 - PBeM strategy game set in Eurasia strategy of 400 AD, from Rome strategy to China, where you are the strategy king. Amazingly, it is human moderated.
  • 1914 Alt - Parallel Earth covering diplomacy, economics, military and research. strategy Includes an online introduction, FAQ and news.
  • - A private project as an adjunct to the strategy Frontline Wargame Club and to provide scenarios of strategy various modern wargames involving the Red/Soviet/Russian Armies.
  • World of Kaomaris - The Clans strive for dominance across an endless strategy world of constant warfare, and seek to use strategy the powers of the Tribes to their own strategy ends.
  • Warpol - Wargame - A turn-based game set in the real world in the online not to distant future. Players take control of a real online world nation and through the use of both political and online military assets try to become a world super power and online rule the entire globe.
  • Ultimatum - The Race for Supremacy in Europe - Become the head of a European nation. Using online diplomacy, economic play-by-e-mail planning and military power, compete against online other players, through e-mail, play-by-e-mail for supremacy on the online continent.
  • Blood Royal: A Game of Dynasties and Diplomacy - A game of dynastic inheritance, diplomatic intrigue and medieval warfare. Designed for up to sixty players, with another sixty or more positions played by the computer. Under development.
  • Cold War: Control Destiny - An online group using Yahoo! Groups.

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