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A guide of the rules and strategy for the drinking game of Beirut (beer pong). Home of the House Rules Generator.

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  • Babson Pong Association - Includes rules for the game and tournament information. beer pong [May party games not work in all browsers]
  • RuitLeaguer Beer Pong Stats Recording Software - Statistics-recording program for Beer Pong leagues.
  • Beirut-Guide - A guide of the rules and strategy for the drinking beer pong game of Beirut (beer pong). Home of the House Rules beer pong Generator.
  • Beer Pong Rules Community - User generated listing of all beer pong rules party games and beer pong beer pong rule sets on the web.
  • Beerpong - Features Beerpong rule variations, famous stories, survey, discussion beer pong forum, party games and online store.
  • Sarge's Philly Beer Pong Tourney - Philadelphia tournament featuring old school beer pong (with beer pong paddles) beer pong and old school beta alumni from Dickinson beer pong College. Held beer pong in June, 2004.
  • BeerPongVideo - A site hosting Beirut (beer pong) documentary, and beer pong funny player biographies.
  • GotPong - Has beer pong, beerpong tables, mixed drinks, drinking party games games, party games buddy icons, party pictures.
  • MD Beer Pong - Resource site for Beirut (beer pong) leagues and drinking games tournaments in the state of Maryland.
  • National Beer Pong League - Rules, forum and merchandise for a great drinking drinking games game - Beer Pong
  • World Beer Pong, Las Vegas 2002 - Tournament featuring old school beer pong (with Paddles) pictures and video from past tournaments at the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas.
  • Beer Pong World Cup - Home of the Annual Invitational Beer Pong World party games Cup drinking games event.

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