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The difficulty of the logic puzzles increases until almost unsolvable. The list "The Masters of Logic" shows the solutions.

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  • Daily Outrageous Rebus Riddle Contest - Cartoon rebus riddles posted daily. Answers are submitted riddles by e-mail.
  • Riddles.com - Large riddle database categorized by difficulty. Includes riddles a search feature.
  • Historiddle - Collection of free internet puzzles, riddles and brain brain teasers teasers riddles based on the history of the 20th brain teasers century.
  • RiddleAday - Riddles, puzzles and brain teasers to challenge and brain teasers entertain all ages. [E-mail lists]
  • Sureshot Riddles - A fun and challenging collection of logic riddles and sequences.
  • Amusements in Mathematics - Riddles by Henry Ernest Dudeney.
  • OnlyRiddles.com - Searchable database of riddles with answers. Accepts visitor riddles submissions and brain teasers offers an RSS feed.
  • Able2Know - A public forum for riddlers and riddle lovers in several topics.
  • Harder Riddles - Some harder riddles marked with stars to identify the degree puzzles of difficulty of each riddle. Accompanied with answers.
  • Riddle of the Week - Just one question a week. Answer on e-mail.
  • Riddle-Poems, and How to Make Them - The gentle and literate art of the rhyming riddle.
  • Tree Riddle - An old multiple riddle. Identify 65 names of riddles trees.
  • Fleabusters' Kids Fun Page - Riddles with responses as well as unanswered.
  • Stumpers - Math and word riddles, which were created by riddles students in riddles Mrs. Henson's classroom. Includes answers.
  • DiMensIoNS - Riddles abound, odd and complex riddles, brain teasers. riddles Explained meanings riddles and complete answers.
  • MindBreakers - Since 1995 free puzzles, riddles, brain teasers, quizzes, and games. riddles Fascinating riddles and multipart puzzles.
  • The Masters of Logic - The difficulty of the logic puzzles increases until puzzles almost unsolvable. puzzles The list "The Masters of Logic" puzzles shows the solutions.
  • Puzzles & Riddles - IT experts provide answers to some of the most demanding puzzles and riddles.
  • Jason's Puzzler Page - Small collection of riddles with answers.
  • Opossum Sally's Goldenmean - Collections of jokes and riddles from penpals.
  • Tyfani's Weekly Riddle - Offers mad gab-type riddles with solutions and archives.
  • BrainDen.com: Brain Teasers and Riddles - Classic puzzles and riddles sorted in several sections - general riddles logic, weighing puzzles, Einstein\'s riddles, number sequences, and crossing river.
  • Puzzles by Sam Loyd - Ten puzzles from a collection that appeared in various newspapers and magazines over the previous fifty years.
  • Scatty.com: Riddles - Collection, sorted into lots of categories to amuse, puzzle and puzzles test.
  • A Collection of Quant Riddles - Logical and lateral type thinking riddles with some brain teasers answers.
  • Spreadsheet Jokes - A bunch of riddles on spreadsheet programs.
  • PickandSend - A collection of brain teasers, riddles, and logic puzzles. Answers puzzles on highlight, sending feature.
  • The Riddle Contest - An online contest for riddle lovers. Expect to riddles encounter a broad array of different puzzle types riddles as well.
  • Riddles - Some challenging riddles to solve. Answers below each puzzles of them.
  • Braingle's Riddles - Contains thousands of popular riddles, as well as user submitted puzzles and rated riddles.

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