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Roleplaying archives are web-accessible collections of game-related files, including, but not limited to maps, adventures, character sheets, and netbooks. Whereas many web sites showcase the gaming philosophy or experiences of their creators, archives emphasize quantity and diversity, collecting files from many sources and authors.

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  • The Keep - A large collection of files, mostly related to roleplaying RPGs: roleplaying systems, rule supplements, information about or roleplaying for campaign settings, adventures roleplaying and ideas for adventures, roleplaying other GM aids, fiction, humour, and roleplaying miscellaneous RPG roleplaying material.
  • The RPG Character Mortuary - Final resting place for characters who died - roleplaying tragically or games otherwise - in roleplaying games. Accepts roleplaying submissions.
  • Neonflux - Over 100 character sheets for systems in PDF games and TIFF games format, plus adventures for Dungeons and games Dragons and Palladium.
  • The Harrow - Former roleplaying guide Dru Pagliassotti\\'s archive of articles games on roleplaying, gamemastering, and adventure writing.
  • RPG Hoard - downloadable resources - Some adventures, fonts, maps, monsters, programs, and other resources for archives some systems.
  • RPGArchive - Archive of adventures categorized by genre and system. games Accepts games submissions.

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