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Sam Chupp's personal website with free World of Darkness text and commentary, plus the home of the rpg-kids mailing list.

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  • Aaron Allston's Home Page - Aaron Allston is, amongst many other things, a independent developers designer developers and publishers of role-playing game supplements (such as Ninja independent developers Hero, Complete developers and publishers Fighter's Handbook and Lands of Mystery).
  • Jean's Notebook - Jean Carrières co-created and edited DP9\\'s Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, and Tribe 8. Now works on online computer games and freelances as writer/editor.
  • Black Wyrm Games - Provides creative services, supplements and support for existing game systems.
  • Raindogs On The Web! - Geoffrey C. Grabowski, an author of supplements for Unknown Armies, independent developers Ars Magica, Over the Edge, and other RPGs.
  • The Blue Room - Infamous cook, game designer and iconoclast S. John roleplaying Ross is roleplaying the author of GURPS Russia, GURPS roleplaying Warehouse 23, and others, roleplaying as well as material roleplaying for Mage: The Ascension, the Star roleplaying Trek RPG, roleplaying Tales from the Floating Vagabond and the CityBook roleplaying roleplaying series.
  • 1KM1KT - An online publishing group. Includes a forum, artwork, and storylines.
  • The Real McCoy - Archangel Beth's Homepage - Various roleplaying links and resources from the co-author roleplaying of GURPS independent developers Illuminati University, and In Nomine line roleplaying editor.
  • Monte Cook - News and roleplaying material from the author of the Dungeons roleplaying and Dragons Dungeon Master\'s Guide Monte Cook.
  • Spectrum Games - Company information, game details and descriptions, and community forums and developers and publishers chatroom.
  • Malcontent Games - English publisher of Reve: the Dream Ouroboros, a independent developers French roleplaying oneiric fantasy roleplaying game by Denis Gerfaud.
  • Frontier Land Games - Publisher of fantasy campaign supplements and progressive fantasy role-playing systems.
  • Valent Games - Creators of a table-top RPG called "Console" which independent developers pokes independent developers fun at console RPGs such as "Final independent developers Fantasy". Site independent developers contains information on their game, a independent developers PDF magazine and independent developers a company description.
  • Steffan O'Sullivan's Home Page - Author of FUDGE, GURPS Bestiary, GURPS Swashbucklers, GURPS Fantasy Bestiary, GURPS Bunnies and Burrows, and Sherpa. Co-plaintiff in the infamous Steve Jackson Games vs. the U.S. Secret Service lawsuit.
  • Mike Mearls's Homepage - The homepage of game designer Mike Mearls, author of dozens developers and publishers of d20 supplements and material for Unknown Armies, Feng Shui, developers and publishers Vampire, Hunter, and other games. This site features material for developers and publishers Call of Cthulhu d20 and other d20 games.
  • Access Denied! - Website of game/fiction author Robert M. Schroeck of independent developers Steve roleplaying Jackson Games. Campaigns and supplemental information for: independent developers TFOS, Advanced roleplaying Dungeons and Dragons, Gurps Fantasy, Gurps independent developers IST, Gurps Camelot, roleplaying Gurps Werewolf.
  • Sam Chupp's The Bear's Grove - Sam Chupp\\'s personal website with free World of Darkness text and commentary, plus the home of the rpg-kids mailing list.
  • Amanda Dickerson - Author of Dead Sea Murder, and other rpg independent developers games.
  • Entertainment Plus More, Inc - Includes information on web and turn-based games as roleplaying well as an Adventurers' and Players' guild.
  • - Homepage of Marc A. Vezina, developer of Dream roleplaying Pod 9\'s Jovian Chronicles.
  • Perrin's Worlds of Wondex - The web site of Steve Perrin and Luise developers and publishers Perenne, including opportunities to purchase games and art.
  • The Amazing Adventures of Peter Corless - Has worked on Pendragon, other Chaoisium products, as independent developers well as Paranoia, Star Wars and other products independent developers for West End Games.
  • Angel Leigh McCoy's Homepage - Author of horror fiction and game supplements.
  • Phil Masters' Home Page - Author of GURPS Arabian Nights, Places of Mystery, roleplaying Discworld, Russia, Kingdom of Champions, many White Dwarf roleplaying articles. Maintainer of FAQ, Baroquoun British roleplay roleplaying convention.
  • Allen Varney - Writer and game designer with credits for TSR, White Wolf, FASA, West End, SJG, and Hero Games.
  • C.W. Christofferson - Gaming enthusiast, RPG writer (for Necromancer Games and roleplaying Troll Lord developers and publishers Games), artist and all-around geek.
  • Bruce Cordell's Site - Homepage of Bruce Cordell, writer and game designer independent developers for roleplaying Wizards of the Coast, author of the independent developers Psionics Handbook roleplaying for Dungeons and Dragons 3e.

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